Monday, March 24, 2008

i really wonder if i'll ever start posting stuff on my new blog.....i just thought of this title 'freefalling'....and found this really nice couldnt resist it...but i dont feel like parting ways with my 'first blog'.....;)

Friday, March 21, 2008

tagged i've been tagged(by aditi,neha gentlewhisperer)....thnx to know that people read the boring stuff i write in my here are the 7 random things...

1.I really really (and i mean desparately want a guitar!).....i have know i the hell i am going to convince my parents for that or how i'd take out time to learn to play it.....but i want it like anything.I've been saving money for the past 2 months and the amount hasn't reached even 1000 yet!:(....(btw....i oficially announce here that i am accepting any kind of anonymous help in terms of cash or cheque..;).......god i really wish santa claus read this post!)

2.I want to buy the dvd's of all the 10 seasons of f.r.i.e.n.d.s....(am i sounding too materialistic here?)....but again money probs.....i really need to start making money!

3.while most people are asleep at night giving their brains a little rest....i am awake getting weird ideas about something or the other in my head!....and i really can't sleep untill i've written these down.....for i fear i might forget about it the next day! i type it on my cell and save it as a reminder.If only my brain cells were so active during lectures.....

4.apparently the word 'moderation' is non-existent for me... ,i am overconscious,hyper-sensitive,get very very angry,extremely moody(i bet you find anyone more moody than me), i tend to over-eat when tensed and even otherwise, i am over-posessive, extremely impatient......phew!.....the list just goes on.....

5.i sometimes feel i have a multiple personality disorder!....seriously......i m not fake.....but i tend to behave different to differnt people. my friends know me as a different person,my parents know me as different person,my relatives think of me differently......and no one knows the real me!

6.I really feel sad for people who are less privileged than really hurts to see these beggars,these people working in the mills, the
chaiwallas, people living in the slums......for a moment it really makes me introspect about my life and how lucky i am.....and i am not just saying it but it really does....really wish i could do my bit to help these people some day...

7.I really wanted to work for the discovery channel(i know i sound a bit geeky...but thats true)....i love watching globe trekker....i really love to travel....and the destination doesn't mean so much to me as the journey does...i like to observe people around me..and i've always been in awe of the space and galaxy and stuff.....but then couldn't take the unbeaten path.....

and yes one more thing.... i really wish to go to a rock concert some day and experience the excitement,the craziness,the rush.... listening to my favorite songs being played!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

a tale of two hours.....

So here I am,
attending what they call 'lectures';
But listening to this monologue
is like bearing some torture!

Two hours of blabbing,
to me make no sense.
Words bounce off my brain...
I've screwed all my sems!

A series of grammatical errors
seems the only thing interesting;
the rest is simply hogwash
remotely related to engineering.

Two sisters-in-law...
yes,that's all it takes;
to make our lives miserable,
to get some terrible grades.

One looks a bit chinese
and wears a smile so wicked;
the other is Himmesh's sister;
for her, j equals z.

Two hours are enough
for some
to get lost in dreams,
for some to dig there noses,
for others to empty their tiffins!

But some brains are still active
Their hands raised for doubts;
If Hermoine were to see this,
even she would freakout!

Has the clock stopped ticking?
or has time simply frozen?
God it's hell in here,
release us from this prison!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

not another face in the crowd....

It's so sad that we keep cribbing about our problems....think that all bad things happen to us.At least that is what has been my attitude most of the times.Why does it always rains on me?...And why shoudn't i think so?.....After all, for all of us, our problems seem too big as compared to others'.
It is only when when we look around us....that we realise people have bigger problems to tackle with and that our problems are too small in their comparison. was this regular day.....when i had to go to give my exams.The only thing that wasn't regular was the fact that....i wasn't late for college....and wasn't running the 'marathon' to catch the train!......A girl was walking ahead of me.....she looked normal....just like any other college going girl,carrying her bag in front of her(the usual position of the bag while boarding a 'Mumbai local').Fearing that the train might just leave....i hurried and walked past her and got inside.I immediately got a seat..(an achievement by the way!)....This girl sat on the seat in front of me but I hadn't really seen her,I was just aware about her presence.I was too busy with the new headset that I bought a day before.And then as i looked up.....i saw her face.It was partially burnt.It was certainly not a pleasant sight to see....I just coudn't look at was really painful.She had recoverd,it seemed,but the scars on her face were too prominent not to be noticed.
She too was aware of this fact.She was wearing this jacket with a hood.It certainly wasn't cold that morning....but she was wearing the jacket so that she could cover her face with the hood.But it didn't hide her face.Every one could see it....and every one who saw her ,only felt pity for her.No one had the courage to look at the scarred face......but their hearts were filled with sympathy.

She knew how hard it was for people to look at her....she knew it......because she too must have feared looking at herself in the mirror.To dodge those glances that people threw at her....the poor girl was looking down.....How must she be feeling at that moment?...She must have been crying inside given the fact that she had to deal with a situation like this.But she was not...Her face showed all the pain....but it also showed courage.The courage that made her live her life despite the challenges.I really felt sympathy for her.....but i just couldn't gather courage to look at her.I am,usually ,lost listening to music....that day, my hands ,subconsciously, changed the current track and played the 'Hanuman chalisa'.I realised.....or perhaps God himself made me realise...the fact that there are people in this world who have bigger troubles in their lives....mountains to climb,oceans to swim.They deal with their problems....without shedding a tear....with enormous hope and courage..How silly I am when I keep grumbling about trivial things in my life.....always sad about how things going wrong in my life.But there are people who, no matter how big their problems are, face them happily.I felt really grateful,....(grateful like never before) to God for all that he has given me so far....I 've always been surrounded by friends who've always been there for my family which is my pillar of support.I have always got more than I deserved and been luckier than most people.Yet ,i 've always cried for stuff that I didn't have.But the incident made me much i have in my life to thank for,to live for....that my hurdles are nothing as compared to others'....and that if they can overcome them....i certainly can overcome mine.
No matter how bad a situation you may seem to be in....there is always someone whose going through hell....which is a million times worse.
....and as i was lost in this thought....I looked up at her....but she was already gone.....For me,she was just another way in which God chose to teach me a lesson,she was just another person.....but i still wonder how hard it must be for her to look at herself every single deal with the fact that her face was not just another face in the crowd.....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i am single and i am not complaining!

so...its valentine's day am not complaining....not at all.I am so happy the way I am...single and unavailable!..:)....Life's so much better than those stupid "boyfriends"...not like i've had any so far,but every time i see my friends with their respective bf's....i pity them....for they don't seem to have a life of their own....except a few of course....who are genuinely serious.The rest only tend to show off,or are in a relationship only for the heck does feel lonely sometimes.....but then there is so much in life than those phone calls,flying kisses,gifts....and god knows what not!.....I might think its a case of sour grapes, but really....being single makes me feel happy and most of all independent! freedom is all i seek ...freedom is all i need!....
I mean....I have time for friends,family,studies,sketching,watching t.v.(f.r.i.e.n.d.s. and f.r.i.e.n.d.s. alone!),for dreaming.....for doing everything i like. I mean....when in a so-called relationship....all people do is, talk to each other and only with each other......they call up after every five minutes!.....I wonder what they talk!!??.....they keep each other updated??.....even about the loo and stuff???...that's ridiculous! They literally breathe down each other's neck!....they don't have time for their friends who once they used to hang out with.....but whatever....though ,being a teenager,i've once wanted to jump on the 'relationship' bandwagon(and quite desperately) i really realize how silly that was.Not that i am against any of this...but life is so beautiful even without it.People in love forget that there is a world beyond 'their hunky-dory world'.For the time being they almost stop admiring the world around them.And when you are alone...or should i say single.....there's so much in life to much to enjoy being oneself.....!
So bottom line is.....If you are alone on valentine's day.....worry not guys!.....there is so much fun you can are independent! you are free!....isn't that a reason enough to be happy and celebrate???!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


some cartoons i made.........some when i bunked lectures....i love doing that.....;)...i know they are'nt that great but whatever

save me!!

so i am a tragedy queen huh?.....I was going through all my posts, I've written so many sad posts....all whiny, sick,sad,......I never realised that I was so sad!.....i mean yeah.....people have told me this so many times....but so so bad? now on, no more whines,grumbles,......and whatever that resembles 'sad'.....lets how it goes.....