Sunday, March 2, 2008

a tale of two hours.....

So here I am,
attending what they call 'lectures';
But listening to this monologue
is like bearing some torture!

Two hours of blabbing,
to me make no sense.
Words bounce off my brain...
I've screwed all my sems!

A series of grammatical errors
seems the only thing interesting;
the rest is simply hogwash
remotely related to engineering.

Two sisters-in-law...
yes,that's all it takes;
to make our lives miserable,
to get some terrible grades.

One looks a bit chinese
and wears a smile so wicked;
the other is Himmesh's sister;
for her, j equals z.

Two hours are enough
for some
to get lost in dreams,
for some to dig there noses,
for others to empty their tiffins!

But some brains are still active
Their hands raised for doubts;
If Hermoine were to see this,
even she would freakout!

Has the clock stopped ticking?
or has time simply frozen?
God it's hell in here,
release us from this prison!!


Aditi ''Jiggs'' said...

thanks 4 stopin by:)

nice read


rOhit said...

Naaice try!
Fun read.
Goes of well, with the subject. :)

pj said...

thanx....can write almost a book on what happens during an engg lecture!;)

Xorkes said...

welcome to d league of ppl who love writing bout lectures.. hehehe!!
hey i c u´ve linked me.. thank u..
m linking u tooo ;)

pj said...

hey you are welcome....actually i can relate to the stuff u write....u know abt the lectures and stuff...

پريانکا said...

Naiiiiiccooooo :)

pj said...

thank uuuuuuuuuu....;)

haritha said...

hey gr8 write up..keep blogging
wel its gr8 we match wid views....wid sum1 whom i hav never met..
wel do comment in ma blog..i love comments

Dipanjan said... reading it...