Friday, January 11, 2008

A few good men...

On our recent visit to Chennai (which was amazing by the way),my friends and I came across a bunch of incredibly modest people.These blokes weren't the ones with high post or anything but they took pride in the job they did-they served us food at the dinning hall.They wore a pleasant smile on their faces that never seemed to fade away.Just a few words-"good morning madam","How is the food?"-and thaat was enough to make us feel at home.There was however this one person..who stood out amongst those people.Trust me, I have never seen a man so humble as he was.His job was to collect our plates when we finished having our meals at the table.We never had to tell this man to pick up our plates.As soon as we finished eating,he would be standing right there before us,all ready to do his job,with a really warm smile on his face.If ever we got up to dispose off the plates all by ourselves and he was around the corner,he would take the plate from our hands...and wouldn't let us take the trouble.I really felt pity for this man.I mean who the hell on this earth wouldn't?How many people who we know do their job with such matter how small or big the job is?...we(me and my friends)felt like helping him because all of us really respected the man.We contributed some money to help this man out....but he refused to take it.
When we were about to leave in the bus...these people(I earlier mentioned about) were standing at the gate to see us off..and amidst them this old man clearly stood out.He was standing there..wit his trademark smile.When the bus started moving..he bade us waving his hand(he knew we would not understand his language).At that moment..I seriously wished that I could help him.But i guess the only thing I could do was bless this man from the core of my heart and only hope that there be more people like him in this world of ours.Whosoever this man was,God bless him.


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