Thursday, January 24, 2008

yesterday.....while returning back from a seminar(that consisted of countless speeches on irrelevant subjects.......and only two minutes of speech on the related topic!) friends and I happened to come across an old church.Churches always fascinate me......not that i don't like going to temples for praying.....but they have a different environment in and around them.It was so quiet,spacious, serene,pure and most of all..... peaceful.It was the first time in months that i found a sense of peace in me.There are so many things going on in life right now....I hardly stop by a temple.15 mins of prayers at home in the mornings and the evenings.....have now been reduced to a bare 2 minutes.And, even in those 2 minutes of time there are only a few seconds when i actually thank HIM.....the rest of the time my mind is always wandering...... this church was really beautiful.I knelt on this small pillow....and concentrated on my prayer.I prayed for the first time in so many days...with a calm mind.....nothing else was on my mind except....peace.No worries,no complaints,no whines......for once i allowed god himself to read my mind......and not ask him to grant me something....and it felt so good!....wish I could stay for a little longer....but then there were so many other things to do and so many places to go.
Only wish there were a few more hours in a day......Lack of sleep,assignments,exams(can you believe it...its just been three weeks since the sem has begun and those shitty exams have started haunting us again!!!),traveling in the train and more than anything running for almost 10 mins just to catch a train!........everything is just driving me nuts!


Xorkes said...

hehehe.. 10 minutes running to catch a train! lolz