Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A night of broken dreams and the morning after

She thought she’d hug him,
When she meets him…
She’d cry in his arms
And never leave him.

She'd whisper in his ears..
tell him that she missed him.
and he'd whisper back to tell
that he felt the same.

He'd strum the guitar
and play her favorite song..
she'd hum to the tune..
and swing along.

There wouldn"t be lights.
only the moon would glow..
there won"t be anyone around
except their own shadow.

They"d then walk alone
on an empty street..
silence alone would be talking
leaves kissing their bare feet.

But little did she know
there was a twist in the tale..
that she"d go terribly wrong..
that her plan would fail.

In the midst of nowhere
she was standing all alone;
facing the reality
where she was forlorn.

Someone had smashed
her rose tinted glasses..
the ground beneath her feet slipped..
her world reduced to ashes.

She took a while
to pick up the pieces..
'coz it was ages since
in a desert , she found an oasis.

It was a night of a broken dream
that left a taste so bitter.
But the night she knew would pass.....
she feared..... the morning after.