Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A place unknown....

When the lights are out,
and its time to sleep,
I hide under the blanket,
and in a secret place I creep.

A place so vast,
a place so forbidden...
A place outside this world...
a place so abandoned.

A place that shelters me
if ever I went wrong,
that makes me stand tall
and inspires to move on.

Sometimes it has... an endless road,
at times a deep ocean I see,
sometimes I am lying on a cliff...
with a starry sky over me.

when sadness looms o'er my head,
to my voice no one heeds...
in search of hope and joy,
in this den I recede.

When I sit on a bench,
all lost in introspection...
I discover all the answers,
awaiting me at the horizon.

when the sun is all tired
and in darkness it disappears,
to this moonlit land I flee
to shed all my tears.

The joy that it gives is not such
that words can express...
the calm water of its ocean,
is a comfort in distress.

How deeply I wish
that you could come here,
To a place that has no place
for a word called 'fear'.

for now though, words are all I have
to tell you what this place means...
'coz its just a place unknown....
just a wonderland in my dreams.