Saturday, January 12, 2008

Just a random thought....

These days I am just enjoying blogging....I did use to write in my diary but never did I enjoy writing so much.It's just a great way to vent your emotions and may be someone might just read the post and perhaps might even relate to your dilemmas or emotions.
However,I fear, I wouldn't be able to blog that often as I have been doing of late because soon its going to be STUDY TIME!! God save me from those never-ending exams and those useless assignments! I was saying...I am just relaxing for the time being.Away from the exam pressure,I am having the time of my life.Talking to friends,going out for walking in the park,watching t.v.,reading books(angels and's been a year I've been reading this book!...yes one whole year!!),getting up late in the morning,staying up till late at night(and catching a wink in the noon),listening to my favorite tracks,blogging(how can I forget that?) -basically doing all the stuff I like to do in my free time.God I love this life!!If only someone paid me for all of this,I could make a living out of it!!